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Opticon Data Swiss was born from the vision of providing Swiss companies with smart, highly professional and high-performance services necessary for compliance with Data Protection regulations.


legal tech innovators

our skills


We prepare Security by Design systems and support companies in creating them


We combine our experience with Creative Ideas to design the future of new technologies


We use the most advanced Cloud Technologies for more efficient and secure data management 


We learn from machines to predict the Future of the digital age


We are a LegalTech team with vertical expertise in the field of data protection 


We use Blockchain to support time-stamping processes


We use the most advanced cryptographic standards to ensure high levels of confidentiality 


We carry out compliance analysis on the algorithms to enable them to operate with respect for human rights

our products

our solution in cloud

It is crucial for us to research and develop innovative tools that can act as a bridge between the evolution of new technologies and business needs. One of the main challenges companies face is to be able to govern all processing of personal data as well as to demonstrate compliance through Accountability. 

This is why we have designed and developed the Cloud Tool to facilitate the achievement of Regulatory Compliance.


Privacy Swiss supports companies in adapting and maintaining their corporate privacy structure and in demonstrating compliance with Data Protection principles and obligations.

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approach to cybersecurity

_cyber defence vision


Cyber Security is not just an answer to a problem. If executed consistently and efficiently, it is also an opportunity to optimise business processes, providing added value to our customers’ business.”

– Alberto Guglielmi | Founder 


our services

We use the most common information security standards to support companies in ensuring high levels of security to protect their data, their customers/employees and their business.

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Did you know that most computer security breaches occur through employees/colleagues performing seemingly risk-free actions?

Training is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in cybersecurity as it raises user awareness by providing the tools and knowledge needed to manage information securely.

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_professional consulting


We use a set of procedures, means and technologies to protect information systems from attacks of various kinds.

Being protected against digital risk is of utmost importance because we drastically reduce the dangers that can arise from the digital transformation itself.

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_vulnerability assessment & penetration test


We perform Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests in order to test the security of assets used in processes. The checks will be performed in white box or black box mode according to the actual needs of the customer.

We also find out if your data is exposed on the Deep Web and the Dark Web. We scan the web for non-indexed websites in order to check whether your confidential data has been leaked/published as a result of Data Breach or simply to enable you to exercise your right to be forgotten in practice.

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our mission


We support companies in defining a correct data path, thus ensuring the control of every business process involving data, enabling the client to achieve optimal corporate compliance management through “Data Governance“.

Let us explain:

Imagine that data is made of the same substance as air…

Imagine now to hear the winds flowing, without a clearly defined path, through our beautiful and majestic mountains…

Our job is to guide data within business processes, defining a precise path for them and enabling each customer to achieve an optimal level of business compliance.


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